United fashion 2019 - visit of designers

B2B meeting
Welcoming the designers
Visit in the production department
Visit in the dyeing department
Visit in the dyeing laboratory
Visit in the creative department
At the pattern making department

The 19th Fashion weekend in Skopje with the project of “United Fashion” brought the opportunity to present the company and its activities in front of a vast number of European designers interested in exploring the production of garments in Macedonia. Furthermore, the company hosted 29 young and aspiring designers from Belgium, Germany, Portugal, France, Romania, Latvia, Estonia and the Balkan region. The manager explained in detail the activities of the companies (AFG and V.I.T.), focusing on the complete production process from idea to a ready made garment. The designers benefited from the exchange of experience and ideas, while as the company was able to see in detail what this young entrepreneur needs are. They were able to see from up-close how the daily work is conducted, but also were encouraged to post questions that will give them better inside information of the possibilities existing in Macedonia.  After the meeting, the company further developed this contacts, resulting in an active cooperation with some of the participating designers.


Goce Delcev 34

2000 Stip


+389 32 223 915

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